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Puberty Blues

Ashleigh Cummings and Brenna Harding as Sue and Debbie.  Photo by Glendyn Ivin from his amazing blog  Hoaxville

Ashleigh Cummings and Brenna Harding as Sue and Debbie.  Photo by Glendyn Ivin from his amazing blog Hoaxville

I was at a party on Saturday night in Newtown, filled with Australian up and coming filmmakers and I cannot believe how few of them actually watch the hands down best drama on Australian TV, Puberty Blues.

At a time when people seem to continually bash the Australian film and TV industries for a lack of quality, there's an incredible show whose ratings are a quarter of those for event based reality TV.

What the fuck Australia?

Puberty Blues such a beautifully intimate and funny portrayal of both pubescent teenagers and their confused parents trying to sort their shit out.

Unlike so much TV, under the direction of both Glendyn Ivin and Emma Freeman, this show has the confidence in its ability to make you empathise with its characters that it doesn't need to beg for your attention through its style.  John Brawley's cinematography is immaculate, and isn't afraid to have the faces of his characters silhouette.  By the way, make sure you check out Glendyn's blog Hoaxville for some beautiful on set photos, that really capture the 70s aesthetic.

Without a doubt, Susie Porter and Dan Wylie's Pam and Roger Knight are the coolest parents to ever appear on TV.

And look, I understand that there's an awkwardness in watching sex scenes with your parents that might put off its teenage demographic, but for those who don't live at home, there's no excuse.  

But at a time when a lot of families can watch Game of Thrones brutally violate its characters, I find it somewhat disheartening that quiet stories aren't getting the same attention.  (That's not to say they are mutually exclusive, we can enjoy both shows).

Channel 10 might be having some problems lately in finding its audience, but the quality of it's drama is not to blame.

Seriously, check out the show on DVD and series 2 is still currently on Channel 10's Tenplay service.  It's an incredible show and if we can give it enough support, hopefully the network will be encouraged enough to commission a third series.

This is the high bar for drama we deserve. 

Dan Wylie as Roger Knight (by Glendyn)

Dan Wylie as Roger Knight (by Glendyn)